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Please read through the forum rules carefully. All members are expected to follow and respect the guidelines of the forums. Thanks.

Please refrain from posting personal information of other posters, whether living or deceased. Should the family of a poster wish to have personal information, such as family pictures, obituaries, memorials or tributes on our site, please forward their request to Takeitish. Please do not take it upon yourself to post these items, as obituaries, etc often have in them very private information such as addresses, names of children/family members. People who do not respect this will have their threads/posts deleted. A warning and/or temporary ban may also be issued. Thanks.



Our discussion forums include adult-themed discussions, language, opinions and occasionally images that some may find offensive. While there are moderators on-site, there are no baby-sitters. Please respect other posters, their views and their opinions

Personal attacks on posters will not be tolerated. If you feel you have been personally attacked, flag the offending post and send a personal message to a moderator or administrator. Your complaint will be reviewed along with the post and you will receive a response as soon as possible. Please refrain from responding to the post/poster.

Racial and sexual slurs are forbidden. Your post will be edited and/or removed and you may be sent a warning. Any posts where the slur has been 'quoted' will also be removed. Please choose your words carefully. Repeat "offenders" will have their membership suspended or removed.

The POLITICS forum is an UN-moderated forum due to the nature of the topic. This does not mean that people are free to attack one another personally, threaten or be abusive toward other posters. Respect for one another and differing opinions is still expected and asked of all of you. By UN-moderated, we mean that you are posting at your own risk. Any posts that contain SEVERE attacks- threats, mainly- may be flagged or PMed to a moderator and will be dealt with. Please remember the nature of the topic when discussing it with others. People will likely not always share your views on political issues and attacking each other is not a solution. Post respectfully.

Please label SPOILERS accordingly. This includes current episodes that will not be seen by some members on the West Coast until hours later. I know this is hard to remember sometimes and won't be enforced with any lectures or warnings, but you may find your thread title altered. Thanks.

Our site owner and head enforcer is Takeitish. Administrators are No1_ILoveLucyFan and 2Shay. Moderators are Opalescent and Pugglvr. All are available by PM or a message on the General Discussion board any time. Please be patient in waiting for a response.

Many of our posters are here from the SN boards and are making a fresh start. Please leave past grudges and wars at the door when entering. Thanks.

Have fun and be kind to one another!


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